Risk Managing for Climate Change - A Guide to Resiliency Webinar

Webinar Recording: Risk Managing Buildings and Infrastructure for Climate Change – A Guide to Resiliency

A recent study from the Insurance Institute of Canada reported that major weather impacts are doubling every five to ten years. Weather claims in Canada are predicted to increase from $2.1B to $5.0B in the next ten years. This represents a challenge for designers, operators, and insurers of real estate and infrastructure. How do we design, upgrade, lease, develop, insure our built infrastructure in the coming years? How do buildings and infrastructure retain value and insurability into the future?

On December 10th, Pinchin Ltd.’s National Practice Leader for Building Science & Sustainability Group, Gord Rajewski along with our special guest Carl Spensieri, Vice President of Environmental at Berkley Canada (a Berkley Company), discussed the trends, challenges and potential strategies for our buildings and infrastructure in the coming years.

Webinar Panel of Experts

Gord Rajewski
National Practice Leader, Building Science & Sustainability, Pinchin Ltd.

Carl Spensieri, MASc, LLB, P. Eng.
Vice President, Environmental at Berkley Canada.

Webinar Recording