Asset Retirement Obligations for Public Entities

Webinar Recording: PSAB 3280 – Asset Retirement Obligations for Public Entities

Starting in 2022 (financial reporting year beginning on or after April 1st, 2022) the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) section PS 3280 – Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO), requires public organizations to report & value their environmental liabilities as part of their annual financial accounting. This requires a more specific evaluation of the environmental retirement costs of any public sector assets.

On Tuesday, June 11th, our Pinchin experts, hosted a 1-hr webinar that provided an overview of the Asset Retirement Obligations standard, as well as guidelines for effective compliance.

Webinar Panel of Expert(s)

Mike Horobin, C.E.T., EP
Senior Project Manager, Hazardous Materials and Indoor Environmental Quality

Nichola Hooper, B.Sc.
Senior Project Manager, Team Leader & KAM Leader, Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation

Webinar Recording