On March 11th, Calgary moves to an e-reporting system for developers

Electronic Submission of Geotechnical Reports (E-GEOTECH) for new Land Development Applications

Are you a local land developer within the City limits of Calgary or in the process of making a new submission to Development Engineering?

Beginning March 11th, 2019, the City of Calgary’s Water Resource and Infrastructure Planning business units will be moving to electronic submissions of geotechnical reports, known as E-GEOTECH, via the City’s online portal – POSEIDONOnline. Further details on the submission process can be obtained from the City of Calgary website.

What you may not know is that the initial roll-out includes electronic submission of the three (3) main types of geotechnical reports required as part of a Land development application process. These geotechnical reports include:

  • Geotechnical Evaluation Report (GEOEVAL)
  • Deep Fills Report (GEODEEP)
  • Slope Stability Report (GEOSLOPE)

The summary of the report types as described in the City’s land development guidelines include:

  • Geotechnical Evaluation Report – An interpretative report that is completed by a qualified Geotechnical Engineering Consultant. The intent is to evaluate the geotechnical conditions of the site and confirm that the land is safe for its intended use without undue risk of hazards.
  • Deep Fills Report – A geotechnical analysis of development areas where soils are being filled more than two meters deep. The report will contain recommendations on development limitations, including bearing certificates and the alternative foundation designs necessary for the integrity of any structure (i.e. buildings, roads and other infrastructures built on those fill areas). A Deep Fills Report will usually contain a site plan showing all areas of cutting and filling – known as a Cut-Fill Plan.
  • Slope Stability Report – A detailed report intended to assess stable land within the area set out in the report. The slope stability report is used to identify the boundaries of a development.

The type(s) of geotechnical reports requested during the application process is usually dependent on the properties and/or characteristics of the land or parcel of interest.

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