Webinar Recording: Climate Change & Building Resiliency

Webinar Recording: Climate Change and Building Resiliency

The impact of climate change on building performance and future design will potentially impact all of us. What are the specific climate impacts we can expect in Canada? Will we feel temperature range, wind speed, rainfall collectively or in separate phases? How much secondary impact (forest fires, flooding, groundwater changes) can we contemplate? How do we design and manage our buildings and infrastructure to best mitigate these impacts?

On Tuesday, April 20th, Pinchin Ltd’s National Practice Leader for our Building Science & Sustainability Group (BSS), Gord Rajewski, joined special guest Ryan MacDonald, Senior Hydrologist for MacHydro, to host their 1-hr webinar discussing these issues.

Webinar Panel of Experts

Gord Rajewski, R.E.T.,
National Practice Leader, Building Science and Sustainability, Pinchin Ltd.

Ryan MacDonald, Ph.D.,
Senior Hydrologist, MacHydro

Webinar Recording