Pinchin's Internal Mentorship Program

Cultivating Growth: Pinchin’s Internal Mentorship Program

In today’s dynamic workplace, fostering talent and nurturing growth is paramount. At Pinchin, we understand the value of investing in our employees’ development. That’s why we are excited to spotlight our internal mentorship program, designed to empower our employees to reach their full potential. In this blog series, we will explore the personal journeys and insights from some of our leaders who have been both mentors and mentees, showcasing the program’s impact on professional development and organizational culture. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of mentorship and the dedication of our employees to continuous learning and growth.

Why Mentorship?

Pinchin is committed to fostering a culture of professional development within levels and areas of our organization. In addition to providing on-the-job learning and continuous trainings, we offer employees the opportunity to participate in our Mentorship Program. This program pairs employees with mentors who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with others at Pinchin. Mentor matches are made based on the needs and goals of the mentee, and may include senior industry leaders, technical specialists, business operations leaders, or even peers. It’s a valuable opportunity for professional development and growth within our company for both mentor and mentee alike.

Our Pinchin Mentors

From someone who has participated in both sides of a mentorship relationship I have fully experienced the value of a robust and effective mentorship program. Regardless of whether I was the mentor or mentee I benefited by connecting with a colleague on a different level and spending time working through all sorts of issues. As the mentee I enjoyed exploring aspects of an upcoming role I aspired too, well beyond what could be listed in a job description. As the mentor I enjoyed passing along my experiences and found that as we’d dig into issues, I’d learn a lot about myself and my management style. Prioritizing mentorship has positively impacted my career development and helped me become a better manager.

Greg Rusling

Executive Vice President, Alberta and Prairies

(14 years of experience in Pinchin)

My participation in the Mentorship Program as both a mentor and a mentee has been very important to me throughout my time at Pinchin. I have had the opportunity to mentor under several Senior Leaders, including members of the Executive Leadership team, gaining valuable knowledge on how each of them has contributed to the Company’s success. As a mentor and a leader myself, I feel it is important to share the knowledge I have gained through my past mentorships, as well as my own experiences and insights from the path I have followed throughout my career. The Mentorship Program has not only aided in my professional development but has built strong personal relationships with my peers across Canada.

Joshua Sikorski, C.E.T.

Operations Manager, Waterloo Office, GTA

(12 years experiences in Pinchin)

When I first heard of the mentorship program at Pinchin, it reaffirmed my belief that Pinchin strives for an excellent work culture. To have an internal mentorship program available to all staff is of immense value and I wanted to contribute to this effort. I decided to participate as a mentor as believed I could contribute to the accelerated growth of junior staff and shed light on how to reach career goals.

My experience with the mentorship program has been great so far. The Mentorship Committee provides the ground work including matching of mentee with mentor, providing a mentorship handbook, and regularly check-ins on program experience.

I have found the mentorship program to be a rewarding experience and encourage fellow Pinchin staff members to contribute to this wonderful cause!

Laurence Kao, P.Eng., PMP, C.E.M., CRE, LEED AP

National Practice Technical Lead, Building Performance and Sustainability, BC

(2 years of experience in Pinchin)

I initially became involved in the mentorship program as a mentee to gain new skills and knowledge to assist in my career development. I found the experience very valuable, and I learned lots of things I didn’t expect to learn and built lasing professional relationships with my mentors. As a mentor I really love sharing my experiences and helping others grow into their careers and I also get inspired by the new ideas and enthusiasm of the mentees.

Valerie Johnston, B.Sc., EEAD, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, ROH

Director, Indoor Environmental Quality, GTA

(20 years of experience in Pinchin)

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