Managing Hazardous Building Materials on Construction Projects

Webinar Recording: Managing Hazardous Building Materials on Construction Projects

On Wednesday, July 10th, our Pinchin expert, hosted a 1.5 hours webinar focusing on the management of hazardous building materials during construction projects. This session delved into the critical aspects of handling asbestos, designated substances, and more, including how to identify them prior to construction, understanding the latest regulations and guidelines, and ensuring the safety of your workers and the success of your projects.

This webinar outlined the following:

  • Asbestos and designated substances expected to be encountered during a construction project
  • Other common hazardous materials present in buildings
  • Applicable legislation
  • Risk assessment and safety planning – the importance of hazardous building materials assessments prior to construction

Webinar Presenter

Emily Balfour
Project Manager, Hazardous Materials

Emily Balfour is a Project Manager in the Hazardous Materials (HAZ) Group with over seven years’ experience in the environmental consulting industry. With an educational background in Accounting and Occupational Health and Safety, Emily is passionate about keeping workers and building occupants safe while managing or handling hazardous building materials.

Webinar Recording