MOL Workplace Compliance Initiatives That May Affect Your Business Operations

MLITSD Workplace Compliance Initiatives That May Affect Your Business Operations

Written by: Alex Brett, B.Sc., CRSP, Team Leader/GTA Practice Leader, Hazardous Materials, Pinchin Ltd.

Pinchin is pleased to provide updates on ongoing and upcoming Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) workplace compliance initiatives that may affect your business operations related to asbestos management and respiratory protection.

MLITSD workplace initiatives are posted and available for review on the website with quick reference to the workplace compliance initiatives available here.

The compliance initiatives are completed to protect workers’ rights under both the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act, raise awareness of hazards, increase compliance, and enhance employers’ awareness of their responsibilities.

Below is a summary of information provided on the website and additional information provided by the MLITSD as part of a Health & Safety Conference held in October 2022.

Workplace Initiative #1 – Asbestos in Building Structures

  • Phase 1: Compliance Assistance ongoing (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023)
  • Phase 2: Inspection Blitz upcoming (January 4, 2023 to March 31, 2023)
  • Highlighted focuses
    • Compliance with all applicable sections of Ontario Regulation 278/05 Designated Substances – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations, and as specifically noted, an inspection of the following:
      • Asbestos Management Plan (developed, as applicable including locations of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) present in the building).
      • The asbestos record has been updated within the last 12 months.
      • Removal or repair of ACM in poor condition.
      • Notification of occupants, contractors, workers of the presence of ACM.
      • Training of workers on the hazards of asbestos and safety measures to protect against exposure.

Workplace Initiative #2 – Respiratory Protection

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