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Ontario – May Courses & Complimentary Sessions

Please click through to review the list of amazing Courses and Complimentary Sessions that we are offering in May or peruse the course summaries below:

May Courses & Complimentary Sessions

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Asbestos Courses:

  1. Asbestos Awareness Half Day Course – $150
    This asbestos course is for those who will, or may administer an Asbestos Management Program; supervise building maintenance or construction; or manage Health and Safety Programs. (Mississauga – May 26 ) 
  2. Asbestos Abatement 253 W Courses – $595
    This two day 253 W course is specifically designed for workers who will perform Type 3 abatement operations in Ontario. (Mississauga Head Office – May 20-21; Kingston – May 26-27) 
  3. Supervisor Asbestos Abatement 253 Course – $495
    This one day 253 S Course is designed for Supervisors of Type 3 projects who have successfully passed the Asbestos Worker examination set by the MTCU.  (Mississauga – May 29)

Mould Course:

  1. Hazards & Control of Mould & Legionella in Buildings Course – $1,195
    This 3 day course addresses mould biology & growth; health effects; regulations & guidelines; due diligence re. water damage or mould growth; legionella risk identification & control; preventing future mould growth; inspection, testing & assessment; and abatement procedures. (Mississauga – May 12-14)

Complimentary Sessions:

  1. EH&S Regulatory Compliance Update
    This complimentary session provides updates on new and changes to existing environmental health and safety legislation so employers and managers can plan and implement appropriate management systems and maintain compliance. (Waterloo – May 13, Mississauga – May 22, Vaughan – May 27) 
  2. Lead in Buildings & Construction Update
    This complimentary session reviews the major concerns with lead today, as well as the recent changes to Ministry of Labour guidelines and policies that employers must follow for the protection of workers. (Ottawa – May 28) 
  3. Legionella Risks in Buildings
    Attend this complimentary session to learn about typical sources of legionella, laboratory identification, current legionella regulations and standards, plus measures and practices to minimize Legionella occurrence. Optional tour of Legionella Laboratory included. (Mississauga – May 28) 
  4. From ISO14001:2004 to ISO14001:2015 – Updates and Changes
    This complimentary session provides information about why the ISO14001 Standard was updated; identified major changes to the Standard; expected roll-out of the new Standard to registered companies; and what this means for businesses who are ISO14001 registered. (Windsor – May 26) 
  5. Fire & Life Safety Compliance Strategies
    This complimentary session is for building owners, property managers, supervisors, building emergency coordinators, fire wardens and fire marshals. It overviews an introduction to fire safety management, developing a fire safety program, training & communication, conducting a fire drill and case studies. (Mississauga – May 27)

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