Pinchin takes part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Pinchin teams across the country take part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

This summer, the Pinchin team has been participating in its very first Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, a nation-wide volunteer initiative inspired and facilitated by Ocean Wise© and the WWF©.  From May to September, employees from almost every Pinchin office across Canada will be picking up litter in Canadian parks, rivers, and along our shorelines for the protection of wildlife and humans alike.

Whether its cigarette butts, grocery carts, plastic or foam, there is no questioning that human production of litter and waste is on a dangerous trajectory that will have far-reaching consequences lasting well into our grandchildren’s lives. This problem is global, urgent, and often overwhelming, but there is power in positive action even if it’s on the smallest scale.

Selfie break for our St. John’s Office (AKA – Prairie Dirtbags)

As of July 1st, sixteen Pinchin offices have already devoted their time and energy to cleanups in their communities, including:

Hamilton Skyway Park, Hamilton Thursday, May 30th
Peterborough & Oshawa Rogers Cove, Peterborough Wednesday, June 5th
Regina Last Mountain Lake at Regina Beach Monday, June 17th
St John’s Kitty Gauls Brook, St. John’s Thursday, June 20th
Brandon Queen Elizabeth Park, Brandon Thursday, June 20th
Kelowna Bellevue Creek, Kelowna Friday, June 21st
Barrie Dyment Creek, Barrie Friday, June 21st
London River Forks Park Friday, June 21st
Mississauga 16 Mile Creek, Milton Friday, June 21st
Winnipeg Red River, Winnipeg Tuesday, June 25th
Toronto Lower Don River Tuesday, June 25th
Mississauga Speed River, Guelph Wednesday, June 26th
Calgary Douglas Glen, Calgary Wednesday, June 26th
Richmond North Arm Jetty, Vancouver Wednesday, June 26th
Ottawa Insmill Park Pond, Ottawa Thursday, June 27th
Mississauga Credit River, Mississauga Friday, June 28th

At this point, hundreds of kilograms of garbage have been removed from nature and delivered to their proper disposal sites. We were surprised to discover the number of strange items being thrown away, such as a rusted ride-on lawnmower, grocery carts, tires, bed frames, and an ungodly amount of cigarette butts and microplastics.

As an Environmental Consultant, Pinchin is closely connected to the natural world and feels responsible for its protection. We’re thrilled that Ocean Wise© and WWF© have helped make this volunteer opportunity a national reality, and we are extremely proud to be a part of this great cause.

But it’s not over yet! We still have some time left to add to our totals, so stay tuned for further updates regarding this exciting initiative.

If you are interested in leading or joining a Cleanup event, or if you want to learn what you can do to protect Canada’s shorelines, visit today!