Pinchin Supports - 2023 Annual Community Involvement

Pinchin Supports – 2023 Annual Community Involvement

Pinchin actively fosters a culture of giving back to our local communities. Encouraging our employees to participate in volunteer work is ingrained in our Core Values. Our Volunteer Program, allows our team to extend their kindness, either collectively or individually, within their communities. This allows our employees the opportunity to support causes that they are passionate about, providing assistance to those in need and making a meaningful difference where it matters most. Pinchin is committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact that extends beyond our workplace.

Pinchin Supports Our Local Communities Across Canada

From 2022 to 2023, Pinchin has committed 2118 volunteer hours.
In 2023, Pinchin employees participated in more than 650 hours in community clean up events. In 2023, Pinchin donated over $50,000 to local food banks across Canada. In 2023, Pinchin had more than 320 employees participate in volunteer events. Pinchin provides 7,500 paid hours to employees for volunteering.

Pinchin’s Team Up to Clean Up!

This year, Pinchin participated in our Team Up to Clean Up event! Held annually, this event is part of a national community outreach program. We had 24 offices participating and each team selected a location to collect trash, recycling, and any other waste products.

Pinchin collectively gathered 2,445 kg of waste this year!

Why Do We Do This?

The Team Up to Clean Up event encourages communities to take collective responsibility for the natural environment around them. Pinchin is proud to participate in a cause that takes action and accountability for the well-being of our environment.

We want to give a big thanks to all the offices and individuals who participated in our Team Up to Clean Up event!