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Environmental Risk Assessments in Alberta

An Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is a scientific evaluation of the human and/or ecological health risks associated with contaminants of concern (COCs) present in soil and groundwater. Human and ecological “receptors” may be exposed to these COCs through multiple exposure pathways including ingestion/uptake of soil or water, inhalation of vapours, and direct contact with contaminated media. Receptor exposures are estimated, and risks quantified, using established models and toxicological data.

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Pinchin Ltd Partners with PM Environmental

Through our new partnership with Keystone Capital, we are pleased to announce that Pinchin Ltd. has partnered with PM Environmental, a Michigan-based environmental risk consulting firm focused on environmental, engineering, industrial hygiene, and development projects.  The PM Environmental partnership is our first step in fulfilling our vison to become the predominant North American services provider in the building and land market for all phases of the real estate lifecycle.

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