Do you know who’s on your condominium warranty team?

Do you know who’s on your condominium warranty team?

Written by: Domenico Iermieri, Senior Technical Manager in the Building Science & Sustainability Group at Pinchin Ltd.


With condo construction starts reaching record numbers in the GTA, developers are working hard to manage costs, meet timelines, and minimize risk throughout the development, from design to occupancy. Maintaining quality while providing return on investment is tricky during new construction projects. Attention to detail is essential to prevent minor issues from turning into major deficiencies, delaying project completion and the release of the builder’s Tarion warranty security deposit.

The Tarion Warranty Corporation, through their Builder Bulletin 19r, requires builders to proactively identify, report and resolve construction deficiencies, through the use of an independent Field Review Consultant. By following these procedures, builders can reduce future warranty claims, higher repair costs, lengthy repairs and ultimately, better manage the associated financial liability.

Pinchin’s team of qualified engineers works closely with developers, architects and builders through all phases of design and construction to identify potential deficiencies early in order to minimize repair and remediation costs and limit project delays.

Being involved at project initiation has allowed us to work closely with the architect on the design…to set clear goals and expectations for the building envelope systems, and make sure that they were met in a cost effective and efficient manner, saving the client time and design costs.

During the construction phase of a project, we have provided consulting services by identifying any building component issues and prevented them from turning into major deficiencies. We’ve helped the Client save on any potential future major repair costs due to preventable design and application deficiencies.

As an active partner in the building process, Pinchin can review design documents and specifications, complete field inspections and testing, and prepare and submit Tarion reports. While the condominium market continues to expand, having a qualified and responsive third-party engineer to support the warranty process is a critical part of any builder’s plan.

As a Senior Technical Manager for the Building Science & Sustainability (BSS) Group at Pinchin Ltd., I am happy to help you understand the requirements of Bulletin 19R. If you would like more information on this or any other building related matters, please feel free to contact me.