Matt Lymburner Discusses Lead in Drinking Water

Lead in Drinking Water – Video

Pinchin Ltd’s Project Manager, Matt Lymburner, supervises the water sampling and investigation team at Pinchin Ltd. In the video above he briefly explains why building owners & operators should be concerned about lead in buildings’ drinking water, especially when built prior to 1990.

Let Pinchin help you test your building’s drinking water and get the lead out!

Video Transcript
“If you are the owner or operator of an older commercial, industrial or residential building, you should be concerned about exposure to Lead from your buildings potable water system.

If you have a building that was constructed prior to 1990, your buildings potable water system may contain Lead components. The only way to determine if your drinking water contains Lead is to collect samples for submission to a laboratory for analysis.

Pinchin’s water services team employs a group of expert technicians and engineers that can develop a custom Lead sampling program, and offer professional support and advice on how to mitigate any elevated concentrations of Lead.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution-contact Pinchin today and let us help you get the Lead out of your drinking water!”