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“Legionella Risk in Buildings” Complimentary Session – Toronto

If you are responsible for the maintenance and safety of a commercial or institutional building, you will not want to miss this crucial information session:

“Legionella Risks in Buildings” Complimentary Session

Toronto Downtown Office – June 25

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This Legionella Session includes a summary of:

  • Background on Legionella
  • Typical sources of Legionella
  • Laboratory identification of Legionella
  • Current Legionella Guidelines and Standards
  • Measures and Practices to minimize Legionella occurrence

Legionnaires’ disease is a serious Infection, with fatalities to healthy individuals and immune compromised persons.

Determining who is responsible for water safety in buildings is not always clear. The responsibility falls among the building owner and facility manager. Those responsible are obligated to follow current Legionella Guidelines and Standards to prevent occupant risk.