Meet the Pinchin Mining Team

Meet the Pinchin Mining Team

The mining sector can be a risky investment for its stakeholders. From development planning through to operations and costing strategies, there are many complexities to consider when seeking a successful outcome. We are well familiar with these complexities and the regulatory processes involved. We have the resources to minimize risk and meet your goals, whether its adherence to compliance requirements, operation of existing mines, or the close-out of old ones. Meet our specialists who can work closely with your team to define and understand the issues your business is facing. Our team will offer effective and pragmatic solutions for your mining development.

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Listen to Byron O’Connor on the Korelin Economics Report podcast discussing environmental and permitting issues companies can face within the Mining Sector.

Meet the Mining Team

Byron O’Connor

Vice President, Mining

Byron is the Vice President of Mining and is responsible for growing Pinchin’s business within the mining sector. He has degrees in geology and geological engineering and is licensed to practice engineering in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Nunavut and NWT. He joined Pinchin nearly 6 years ago, and has been in the consulting business for the past 36 years. He has conducted project work in every Province and Territory in Canada (including the high arctic), and has worked in eleven countries around the world besides Canada.

Byron provides business development and project support to our regional mining champions and project teams across the country for all Pinchin service lines across all stages of mining development; from early stage greenfield exploration, to mine development, operations, closure, and post closure care and monitoring. His team’s current project work extends from the Labrador Iron Ore Trough in the east, to lithium exploration and development support and base metals and gold engineering studies and compliance monitoring in Northern Ontario, groundwater and surface water studies in Northern Manitoba, a wide range of hazardous materials and IAQ services to the potash subsector in Saskatchewan, and environmental and hazardous materials services in Alberta and BC.

Spending by Canadian mining companies on assets owned in Canada has been increasing over the past few years as Canada transitions to a lower carbon footprint. Byron’s team is well positioned to continue to support companies that are exploring for and developing these key mineral deposits that are required for this transition.

Dixie Ortiz, B.Sc.

Team Leader, Senior Project Manager in Northeast Ontario for the Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation Group

Dixie is a Senior Project Manager in the Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation group and the mining services Team Leader in Sudbury, Ontario. She has been in the environmental consulting industry, with a special focus on the mining industry for over 10 years. Throughout this time, Dixie has managed and supported projects across Canada.

Dixie has completed projects from all stages of mining development, from baseline data collection and assessments to legacy materials remediation and post-closure monitoring. Dixie has provided technical and managerial support for both small- and large-scale mining projects, including baseline assessments, permit applications and support, due diligence and compliance monitoring, remedial action plan development for legacy materials, closure plan development and support and post-closure monitoring. These projects have covered a wide variety of disciplines, including hydrological and hydrogeological characterizations at all stages of the mine life cycle, terrestrial monitoring during advanced exploration and production stages, as well as financial assurance support for various closure activities and development of revegetation programs for closure planning.

Dixie’s experience with the environmental support required for each stage of the mine life cycle complements her knowledge for delivering a comprehensive product to suit the Client’s current and future needs.

Jenny Pittman, P. Geo.

Project Manager in Atlantic Canada for the Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation Group

Jenny’s extensive experience in the field of Geosciences, particularly within the geological engineering and hydrogeology sectors of the Mining industry, demonstrates her versatility and expertise across various projects and locations.

In her career, she has worked in Ireland, Australia, and multiple provinces across Canada, providing valuable insights and contributions to projects ranging from greenfield exploration to resource characterization in existing mining operations. Her involvement in services related to the characterization of diamond, gold, iron ore, and gravel deposits underscores her breadth of knowledge in geological assessments.

During her tenure as a Mining Hydrogeologist in Australia, Jenny played a crucial role in supporting mine engineering teams with pit dewatering activities, ensuring compliance with development targets and abstraction forecasts. Her experience also encompasses environmental compliance monitoring and permitting, as well as conducting baseline geotechnical and hydrogeological studies for mining development projects in Canada and Australia.

Jenny’s involvement in diverse projects, such as the development of a new LNG Facility in Western Australia and multiple pipeline crossing designs, highlights her adaptability and capability in addressing various challenges within the mining and energy sectors. Currently, her focus on managing contaminated sites and expanding Pinchin’s presence in sustainable growth initiatives, particularly in clean energy exploration in Atlantic Canada, underscores her commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development practices.