Ontario Regulation 524 Operating Approvals Exemptions

O.Reg 524 Approvals Exemption

Operating approvals are required in Ontario in order to discharge contaminants to the natural environment, even for comfort heating, cooling and emergency power systems. Pinchin’s Mike Szudy, Project Technologist, explains how recent changes to regulations for an exemption provision may benefit your facility.

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Video Transcript

In Ontario, an operating approval is required for equipment that discharge contaminants to the natural environment unless specifically exempt under Ontario Regulation 524.

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks has recently redesigned their approvals program to make the process easier for businesses by expanding the approvals exemption regulation.

This benefits Elementary and Secondary Schools, commercial office buildings, retail facilities, municipal buildings and warehouse facilities that only operate emergency generators or comfort heating equipment – as they may be exempt from an EASR or ECA.

An exemption saves you money; avoiding a permit application and costly annual reports to remain compliant.

Pinchin understands EASR and ECA exemptions and can guide you through the process to satisfy provincial air standards and other sections of the Environmental Protection Act.  Pinchin’s air and noise feasibility assessment is an effective tool to assess whether your facility is exempt and ensures you remain compliant with provincial emissions requirements for existing, changing or new facilities.

At Pinchin, we understand the importance of ensuring your facility is compliant with all regulations. To find out if your facility is exempt, give us a call and we will make sure you have the reports you need.