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Pinchin Supports – 2023 Charities and Donations

Pinchin recognizes our ability to play a role in the well-being and sustainability of communities across Canada. For over four decades, we have continued to support many charitable causes. We actively encourage our employees to participate in volunteer work, advocating for community engagement and giving back. This collective effort underscores our dedication in making a positive impact, fostering a culture of compassion and service within our organization and beyond.

From Orchard Roots to Environmental Commitment: Pinchin’s Apple & Bee Story

We want to shed some light on the importance of honeybees. Pinchin recognizes that bees and pollinators play an integral role in the health of our ecosystems! Pinchin has actively supported the University of Guelph Honeybee Research Centre for many years. For the full story, click here to read our blog The Pinchin Apple Story and learn about a tradition we have continued in honour of Don Pinchin’s memory.

Pinchin Supports Feeding Our Local Communities

Pinchin Donates

Pinchin donates to a variety of different causes throughout the year. Below is a list of a few of the charities and organizations we committed to helping throughout 2023:

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To learn more about how Pinchin is guided by our values which emphasize the importance of our relationships and impact on our communities, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.