Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Sector

Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Sector

Pinchin Ltd.‘s Senior Project Engineer for the ERC team, Timothy Reyes, P.Eng discusses regulatory compliance in the Cannabis sector. If you have concerns about being compliant, Pinchin can help.

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Video Transcript

“The production of Cannabis and Cannabis products is regulated under Health Canada. However, when it comes to environmental compliance, there are other federal, provincial and municipal regulations that apply.

For instance, at the federal level, there are requirements for sanitation, prevention of odours and special precautions for processes required to destroy cannabis or cannabis product.

Provinces have differing environmental permitting regulations and in Ontario, facilities are required to obtain an EASR or ECA to demonstrate compliance with emissions limits.

Local municipalities regulate the quantity and quality of water being discharged from Cannabis facilities, plants and logistics centres.

At Pinchin, we understand the importance of ensuring your facility is compliant with all regulations and can provide you the assistance needed particularly in the areas of the environment, health and safety and indoor air quality.

If you are concerned about your facility and would like to verify its compliance with regulations relevant to your area, give Pinchin a call today.”