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Meet our Senior Project Manager and Regional Practice Lead for Hazardous Building Materials Group, Michael Maiorana

Michael Maiorana is a Senior Project Manager for Pinchin’s Hazardous Building Materials (HAZ) Group and serves as the Group’s Practice Leader for the Southwestern Ontario region. Experienced in construction coordination…

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Meet our Regional Director for the Provinces of Manitoba & Saskatchewan, Jason Combe

Jason Combe is Pinchin’s Regional Director for our offices in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Kenora office in Northwestern Ontario. With more than two decades of experience providing Hazardous Building Materials…

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Get to know Nikole Walters, Pinchin’s Senior Project Manager for the HAZ & IEQ Groups in Northeastern Ontario

Nikole Walters is Pinchin’s Senior Project Manager for the Hazardous Building Materials (HAZ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Groups in Northeastern Ontario. She is fluent in hazardous materials consulting issues…

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