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Toxic Reduction Act – Video

Pinchin Ltd.‘s Senior Project Engineer, Ajay Madan, discusses the Toxic Reduction Act that was established in 2009 & the amendments the ministry has recently made to the act.

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Video Transcript

” The Toxic Reduction Act was established in 2009.

This program followed a five year cycle, with plans due to be renewed this year (2018).

However, the Ministry of the Environment has recently amended the act to change the renewal date to next year (2019), to line up with some changes that will occur in the NPRI program.

While this may provide a temporary relief, and potentially move this program to the back-burner, it can also be seen as an opportunity.

With Pinchin’s help, we can assist you in making the most of this extra time. This could include reviewing the estimates used, or how data is collected by the facility.

Doing so may help you get more out of your plan, refine estimates or even reduce the number of plans required, thus ultimately reducing your level of effort and financial burden.”