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Global Recycling Day 2024


Written by Erin Lavallie, Coordinator, Sustainability & Corporate Programs, Pinchin Ltd

Global Recycling Day, established in 2018, aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the vital role recycling plays in conserving our primary resources and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. It is a day for global unity in prioritizing environmental stewardship. The Global Recycling Foundation announced the theme for Global Recycling Day 2024 as #RecyclingHeros, highlighting individuals, communities, and initiatives that exemplify the significant impact of recycling on environmental stability and a more sustainable future for all.

Why Recycle?

Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources, which will eventually deplete. Wastes are often sent to landfills, consuming money, energy, resources and take up valuable space. Waste reduction should always be top of mind as the less waste produced, the less there is to manage.

According to the Government of Ontario Landfill sites map – Ontario alone is home to 620 landfills.

“The way our economies extract, use, then dispose of resources is putting pressure on natural systems, communities and public health. Preventing and diverting waste by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, repurposing, recycling and composting is a key component of a more circular economy.” – Government of Canada

Landfills generate methane gas – this is due to the decomposing waste within landfills and is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global climate change. The air pollutants escaping from the landfill can also cause respiratory problems in people who live close to the landfill. And if the leachate leaks from landfills, it can bring toxins from the landfill into nearby groundwater supplies.

Modern landfills are designed to keep toxic waste contained – however, leaks do happen. Therefore, landfills are still dangerous to the environment and human health. Another reason why reducing their growing need is better for our environment.

Did you know Pinchin conducts Landfill Monitoring Services ?

Safe waste management is a priority for communities. Whether you are Siting a new landfill, expanding an existing one, or closing or remediating an old landfill, Pinchin’s landfill assessment team helps deliver compliance with confidence.

Our experienced team is able to work at sites ranging from small landfills operated by remote communities and private companies, to large-scale projects in urban centres. Pinchin’s monitoring programs meet legislative requirements, and ensure clients are able to minimize their environmental impacts.

Our Wide Range of Landfill Assessment & Monitoring Services include:

  • Comprehensive monitoring services including noise, air emission, hydrogeological, surface and ground water, and landfill gas;
  • Landfill permitting to ensure proper compliance with all environmental regulations;
  • Annual reporting that meets all provincial regulations in a timely and cost-effective manner;
  • Hydrogeological studies by experienced, qualified Hydrogeologists and professional engineers and technologists;
  • Design and operation plans, including siting and conceptual design, cell and infrastructure design;
  • Landfill Leachate collection, analysis, treatment systems design and operations services; and
  • Landfill gas control assessment, design, construction, and operations services.

Landfill Assessment & Monitoring Factsheet

For more information contact Pinchin Ltd at

1-855-PINCHIN or Home Page (

Pinchin’s Waste Diverting Efforts

Pinchin focus’s on providing multi-stream waste disposal options; we aim to offer all recycling streams available within our offices’ municipalities. Additional voluntary recycling streams (Styrofoam & E-waste) have also been added to offices. While at work (and at home) we encourage everyone to adhere to the 3R Principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

23 offices participated in the 2023 Waste Audit

Total Waste Disposal by participating offices – 6,251 kg*

Total Landfill Disposal for participating offices – 2,654 kg*

Total Diverted from Landfill by participating offices – 3,597 kg*

Diversion Rate for participating offices was 58%*

*Data is based on an internal waste audit collected from 23 offices in 2023.


John Holland

Chief Development Officer