Meet Pinchin's Operation Manager for the ENS Group, Brennan Anstey

Meet our Operations Manager for the Environmental Science Group in British Columbia, Brennan Anstey

Brennan Anstey is an Operations Manager with Pinchin Ltd.’s Environmental Sciences Group (ENS) for British Columbia. When Pinchin Ltd. introduced the Environmental Sciences service line, Brennan followed his passion to restore the natural world, and stepped up in his position as Senior Environmental Engineering Manager with the Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation Group to assist with leading the fisheries and wildlife team, growing it by over 30% in the past year in an enjoyable and balanced way.

Brennan grew up in Vancouver and completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering with Environmental Specialization at the University of British Columbia. Brennan has been with Pinchin since 2014 and is accredited as a Certified Sustainability Professional (CSP) and Registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).

At Pinchin, Brennan and his team work closely with developers, industrial and municipal clients helping them by supporting a wide variety of infrastructure projects across BC. Brennan has conducted and managed hundreds of environmental assessments and has acquired environmental permits for both large and small development projects. He has successfully created sediment and erosion control strategies, water treatment and management designs, environmental construction programs and has even managed the design and construction of aquatic habitats.

“I really enjoy working with Pinchin’s great collaborative management team. We are genuinely open to listening to everyone about how we can be better. For clients, it is refreshing to me that we deliver what we promised on time.”

Brennan is an environmental generalist having led multiple contaminated site remediations using alternative technologies, environmental audits and air and water permit acquisitions. Brennan has over 15 years of environmental experience in industrial, construction and land development industries and has supervised both local and international teams successfully. Brennan has also managed award winning environmental projects like a mine site closure in BC that was presented with a Mine Reclamation Award in 2012 and a Park Remediation project that won 4 awards for environmental and sustainable merit. He provides both management and technical expertise that maintains or enhances environmental health while supporting efficient project development.

For more information on how Brennan Anstey and the Pinchin Environmental Sciences team can help you, call 604-820-1415.