Get to know David Shearer, Director of Pinchin Ltd's IEQ Group

Meet our Director of Indoor Environmental Quality Group & Integrated Projects, David Shearer!

David Shearer is the Director for our Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Group and Integrated Projects. A long-time Pinchiner, David has more than sixteen years of environmental consulting experience under his belt and has completed over 4,000 projects on behalf of the company. When considering his personal trajectory to date, it is no surprise that David has grown to be one of Pinchin’s greatest assets and thought leaders.

David started his career with Pinchin when he was hired as a Project Technologist in 2002. A Fresh-faced graduate from the University of Guelph­ with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, David’s enthusiasm and drive for quality accelerated his growth in the company. He has experience serving as Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Operations Manager, and is now a role-model for the IEQ Group in British Columbia. He is currently a member of the Canadian Green Building Council as well as the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST).

David has worked closely with all Pinchin practice lines and possesses a unique understanding of integrated projects with cross-service components. In his capacity as Operations Manager for the IEQ Group in British Columbia, David has led a team of IEQ professionals, Hazardous Building Materials assessors, and radon specialists in the successful delivery of over 200 projects annually.

During this time, David has also been involved in a cold site decommissioning program for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies – a mountain-top project that has ultimately turned a spotlight on Pinchin’s cross-service capabilities. This portfolio of remote decommissioning projects require involvement from hazardous materials specialists, environmental due diligence and remediation specialists, occupational health and safety specialists, and environmental scientists. Pinchin signed on as an integrated team member in 2012 and David anticipates that, with his approach to integrated project management and enhanced service procurement, Pinchin will continue to grow this unique service area.

Aside from his monumental work in telecommunications, integrated project delivery, and cold site decommissioning, David is involved in the technical leadership of Pinchin’s offices in Western Canada. He puts his clients at the top of his priority list, providing them with cost-effective in-house solutions to complex multidisciplinary project challenges. David is well versed in the delivery of enhanced services, the management and mentorship of employees, and senior project oversight. Pinchin can’t wait to see where David will go next!

For more information on how David and the Pinchin BC team can help your business, please contact the Kelowna office or one of our 40 offices across Canada.