Meet Pinchin's Regional Practice Leader for the HAZ Group in Ontario, Mike Harrett.

Meet our Regional Practice Leader for the Hazardous Materials Group in Ontario, Mike Harrett!

Mike Harrett is our Regional Practice Leader with the Hazardous Materials Group for Ontario. He has been a celebrated Pinchin employee for 13 years, in which time he has cultivated a passion for hazardous materials abatement and established a reputation as a thought leader in the field. Although hazardous materials were not originally on Mike’s radar, since he began his career in architecture, it would take five years working at the firm before he was introduced to asbestos and other hazardous materials. By that time he had outgrown his role, and turned his sights on Pinchin to help diversify and build on his experience.

In addition to his five years in architecture, Mike also came to us possessing a diploma in Architectural Technology from Fanshawe College and a certificate in Engineering Technology (CET). Recognizing the value Mike could bring to the table, Pinchin entrusted him with the opening of our Kingston office in 2005.

Working as a Project Manager at the new location was challenging but exciting. Kingston was a whole different ball game from his small-town roots in Chatham, ON, where corn fields and the auto industry were the main source of income. Right off the bat, he needed to develop client relations, learn more about Pinchin’s scope of services, and acquaint himself with non-architectural services and regulations.

Under the leadership of Office Manager, Pete Roberts, Mike thrived in his role. He discovered that he enjoyed managing a team of thought leaders with the same passion he had. In a very short span of time, he had arranged the cross-training of his teams for asbestos and mould remediation, which would eventually lead to an expansion of the regional office services to include these materials far sooner than expected. This also led to the discovery of another passion: hazardous materials analysis and abatement (HAZ).

Mike was drawn to the HAZ group because it presented him with the opportunity to design his own career progression and learn a variety of unique applications. Pinchin, being a pioneer in HAZ consultation and services, provided the resources and mentorship Mike needed to really break into the HAZ industry. Mike did the rest, and is now known as an expert problem solver in the HAZ industry.

Mike swiftly became a thought leader in hazardous building materials through his work conducting designated substance surveys, compliance assessments, management and abatement programs, contamination investigations, and expert testimony services. It is his deep well of knowledge and enthusiastic drive to succeed that allowed him to climb the ranks, earn industry respect, and achieve the position of Pinchin’s Regional Practice Leader for Ontario.

Despite the regional nature of his position, Mike will always find a home at the Kingston office where he began. An eclectic mix of small town charm and urban convenience, Mike and his family insist that Kingston provides one of the best food scenes in Ontario, if not all of Canada. From there, he leads the next generation of Pinchin thought leaders into a hazard-free future.

For more information on how Mike Harrett and the Hazardous Materials team can help you, call 613-541-1013.