Meet Paresh Patel, our Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation Group

Meet our Operations Manager & Practice Specialist for the Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation Group, Paresh Patel!

Paresh Patel is Pinchin’s Operations Manager and Remediation Practice Specialist for the Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation (EDR) Group. He has spent more than 17 years on the design and implementation of the latest remediation technologies and systems to address subsurface contamination (i.e. contamination in soil and groundwater) on North American sites. His unique expertise makes him a thought leader and valued mentor in the Pinchin community, which is why we’re so excited to share his abilities with our clients today.

Paresh earned his Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA. Shortly after the graduation, he was quickly snatched up by top design firm CDM Smith, which is where he discovered his passion for remediation. During his tenure with the American firm he performed pilot studies of various remediation technologies, conducted remedial investigations, developed remedial work plans, and offered project oversight with a lens for health and safety. He also became a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey (P.E.) while working at CDM Smith.

Paresh did not join the Pinchin family until 2010, after he had moved to Canada and decided to join Pinchin’s growing team with a focus to grow remediation services in the GTA. As the Technical Expert on remediation, Paresh manages the service portfolio within the overall EDR Group. He has peer reviewed remediation reports, provided remediation training to other employees, and offered technical support across Pinchin’s forty offices.

It is no wonder that Paresh quickly climbed the ranks to become Operations Manager for Pinchin’s Remediation Service offering. His thirst for challenging projects and dedication to the wellbeing of his clients has directly contributed to the growth of our remediation service on a national scale. He has nurtured client trust not only in his abilities, but also that of Pinchin Ltd. as a thought leader in soil and groundwater remediation. He engages his teams to provide added value wherever possible so that clients receive customized solutions within their budget.

Whether you are purchasing, financing, or leasing a property, Paresh’s team of experts can help. For more information on how Paresh can help your business, please contact the Mississauga office or visit the EDR page on