Meet Pinchin's Operations Manager for our Kingston Office - Sarah Young!

Meet our Operations Manager for the Kingston Office, Sarah Young!

Sarah Young is Pinchin’s Operations Manager for the Kingston office. She has been an integral member of her team since 2008, providing local clients with customized solutions to complex problems regarding Hazardous Building Materials (HAZ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). A worker bee at heart, Sarah’s boundless energy and adaptability make her the perfect candidate to lead our Northeast Ontario office into a bigger and better future.

When Sarah enrolled at the University of Toronto, she was not originally doing so with the intent to work in environmental consultancy. While she did love the field of science, she first pursued a career in pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, after taking an elective course on environmental science, she realized that healthcare wasn’t for her. She changed her field of study and attained her Diploma as an Environmental Technician – Protection and Compliance from Canadore College in early 2008.

With a thirst for challenging opportunities and the chance to apply her skills, Sarah dived into her career and quickly found a position as an environmental technician with a Paper Mill in Iroquois Falls, Ontario. After only spending six months at the mill, a friend recommended that she look into joining Pinchin for more stimulating work, and from then on she has never looked back. Hired on as a Project Technologist for the HAZ group in Kingston, Sarah was able to flex her scientist muscles and contribute to Pinchin’s growth in the region.

It didn’t take long before Sarah expanded her expertise into the IEQ side of the business. Her ability to provide enhanced cross-services and ensure client trust led to her promotion to Project Manager for both HAZ and IEQ in 2013. Over time, she grew to specialize in providing services to clients in the healthcare, education, and correctional systems sectors. More recently, Sarah was responsible for overseeing the HMIS (Hazardous Materials Inventory System) Survey of hospitals belonging to Quinte Healthcare. She personally managed the team conducting hazardous materials assessments, performing report reviews, and providing training courses to hospital staff across the region.

After being promoted to Operations Manager in 2016, Sarah became a Senior Reviewer for HAZ projects at the Kingston office. In her current role, she manages the staff and day-to-day operations of her departments. She trains and mentors her employees and works with clients on a local scale as well as a national scale. Clients gravitate to her because she is responsive and driven to provide the best possible outcome for any project. They can rest assured that she will solve their problems to the best of her ability.

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