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Bill 5: Workers Compensation Act – Asbestos Licensing and Certification in British Columbia

Written by Sean Douglas, National Practice Leader, Hazardous Building Materials Group, Pinchin Ltd. What is Bill 5: Workers Compensation Act? In 2022, the provincial government introduced changes to the Workers…

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Wildfire Damaged Communities in BC

Written by, Andrew Wassenaar, Dipl. (Env Eng), AScT, EP, Senior Project Manager for the Hazardous Building Materials Group, at Pinchin Ltd. It’s hard to believe it has been over 3…

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Food for Thought: Using Direct-Reading Instruments in Health & Safety Applications

Written by Kristopher Anderson, Operations Manager, Occupational Health & Safety at Pinchin Ltd. I was taking a look back on the year of occupational health and safety consulting projects I…

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