Building Environmental Tech Solutions Webinar

Webinar Recording: Building Environmental Tech Solutions

New sensor-based systems for monitoring the indoor environment and building condition have been developed to support intelligent building operations and maintenance. These systems use new and emerging wireless networks like LoRAWAN, Internet-of-things (IoT) sensors, cloud data management and customized visualization platforms to provide ongoing, accurate and real time buildings performance data to enhance our view of environmental performance.

The Internet-of-Things movement is revolutionizing urban infrastructure, industry, medical care, agriculture, logistics, transportation, power grid, environmental protection and fire protection to enhance our understanding of complex systems resulting in intelligent asset management.

At Pinchin, we have been developing mobile applications to better understand key environmental and human health aspects of our buildings. Come and listen to our panel of expert’s recount some of our lessons learned and data stories.

Webinar Panel of Experts

John Holland (Host)
Chief Development Officer, Pinchin

David Shearer
Director of Integrated Digital Services, Pinchin Ltd.

Ryan Hickey
COO, eleven-x